AN cam V 3.1


The programme is used to extract colour channel data from two selected points. You can then download the data on an excel CSV file.

Follow these steps;

1. Click on “choose image” to open your files and select the image you will like to analyse.

2. Once the image is opened, enter the size of your sample area in the “rect size” box.

3. Also enter the patient ID or other identifier for this image.

4. You can click anywhere on the image to select your first point of investigation. A black box will appear around the area selected.

5. You can then select the 2nd area to compare, which will be the same size as the first sample; however, you may also change the “rect size” to sample an area of a different size.

6. Once you a satisfied with your two selected areas for comparison, click on “save colour”, if you would like to re-sample without saving, click “clear colour.”

7. You can click on “choose image” to analyse another image.

8. Once you have analysed all images, click “download spreadsheet” to obtain a Microsoft Excel sheet.

The software was created to analyse images of Acanthosis Nigricans by Andrew S. Dhanoo and Brian N. Cockburn of the Department of Life Sciences, University of the West Indies St. Augustine Campus.

For further information, send requests to or 1868 380 8747